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"Seattle-based pop star makes her indie debut with a hauntingly beautiful album"

- John Tirckle , Music Today Post

"Emilia Cole is one of the scene's breakout stars"

- Linda Shine, Music of life magazin

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, my first theatrical endeavour happened at the age of 4 when I performed stunningly - or so my Mother says - in my first Ballet recital to Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World. She later came to wonder if it had been such a wise choice to encourage me in that direction, when, by the age of 7 I was enrolled in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz with Musical Theatre and anything else that was offered soon to follow.

With dancing firmly entrenched in my life, I marched onwards through school, adding anything theatrical to my quiver. Not one to ignore practicalities, I continued my education by picking up a BA with a Drama Major and English Minor on the way. I used that amazingly practical degree to explore my love of words and theatre, taking as many Shakespeare courses as were offered in both departments and exploring the multitudes of dramatic avenues available to me.

It was my Father's simple question at the beginning of my last year at University that made me realise - what was I going to do next? He had, quite rightly, pointed out to me that there was a distinct lack of jobs that fit my enlightening, but not exactly functional, degree. But at the same moment that he caused a serious wave of panic, he offered me the solution as well. (Aren't Dads great at that!)

"Why don't you think about doing a Masters in England," he said, as he knew that from the first time I had been there, I wanted to go back. "And I guess you could look at Drama Schools too," he added. Out of the window went the Masters at Oxford or Cambridge - I was going to Drama School!

From there, the pieces started to click into place. As my degree neared its finish, I was not only a full time student, but was at the dance studio - where I now taught and worked, as well as danced - over 40 hours a week. At the end of the summer, I packed up the small mountain of things that I couldn't (or wouldn't) leave behind - which included three boxes of books and scripts - and trundled over the ocean to sunny old London. I moved into a flat I had never seen, with people I had never met - and thus began London!

After three years of what often felt like hard labour (enjoyable hard labour, of course!) I graduated from Arts Ed. I have had the opportunity, then and since, to work with many exceptional people and on both new and classic pieces. I love working to develop new works and have had the chance to work closely with many wonderful writers during the development of their pieces. I have a soft spot in my heart for fantastic text driven classics and comedies.

Settled now in central London, I am also a photographer - with a specific acting based bias in many of my subejcts (see the Other Work page for more details) - as well as currently working on developing and producing a new musical!

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