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"You are amazing! You've caught all sorts of things that dozens of people missed. ...It sucks seeing all my hard work ripped to shreds, but I sure do appreciate it. I have no doubt that your changes will make my book significantly better."

- Sean Frawley, author

"Thank you SO much! This is the kind of thing I knew it needed.  ... I'm really looking forward to going through your markups."

- Scott Mulraney, author

My editing style is fairly direct. I enjoy establishing a relationship with writers and making sure that the best they have to show is on the page when they publish. I strongly believe that your editor should be someone that you can talk to openly and who is able to challenge your perceptions to help you better your writing.


Holding a Drama/English Degree (finished more than a few years ago now), I am continually updating and refreshing my training. A stickler for supporting a good story with good word choice and grammar,I have not only worked with authors, but stage and screen writers, students, and everything in between.

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